artist statement

O Time Suspend Your Flight by Susanna PantasDancing between reality and imagination, the paintings of Susanna Pantas portray intimate glimpses into the private moments of others and offer a serene escape from our hectic world.   Mystery, curiosity, and symbolism are her constant companions as she weaves together a tapestry of visual story.  Regardless of whether the painting is of a sleeping figure, a daydream come to life, or an eclectic collection of someone’s beloved treasures, each work is layered with metaphor and simple elegance.   Nature is a recurring theme, as Susanna finds much inspiration from the natural world.  She relishes in the earthy sensuality of nature, animals, and the human form.  Her process is intuitive as she pulls forth subject matter from dreams, relationships with others, and from her own internal dialogue.  As for the work itself, Susanna’s clean compositions feature sections of canvas devoid of extraneous information balanced against areas of intense detail.  This simplicity of composition invites the viewer to ponder life, relationships, and the complexity of our world. 

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous - Aristotle